Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Polka Dots

I'm linking up with Danielle over at Framed Frosting for Current Crush Thursdays. This week's current crush isn't about fashion. My mind is SLOOOOOOOOOOWLY shifting towards school. I usually do a primary colored theme in my classroom:

I'm going to miss this classroom so much!
It's easy and fairly simple to keep up with. But this year, I'm putting a twist on it. I'm going to add  POLKA DOTS!

Polka dot classroom

Polka dot classroom by nilda-albino on

I don;t want it to be TOO distracting, so I'm just going to add polka dot accents. Pictures one, two and three come from Erica Bohrer's classroom and Teachers Pay Teachers store. She's created awesome polka dot labels, signs, word cards, letters and a fun back to school board. Erica originally made them in bright neon colors, but she's making them in primary colors as well! Everything's reasonably priced and I don't mind supporting a fellow teacher!

Picture four: I do yellow fabric backgrounds on my bulletin boards, so I figured I'd use these fun polka dot borders to frame them. 

I'm really excited about this because A) it's fairly cheap! and B) it'll keep my classroom coordinated. I've never been able to go full out theme, like space or monkeys. It's too expensive!

So what do you think? Will the polka dots spice things up a bit? I hope so! Don't forget to link up!

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  1. it's great for a new look for a new school year. i love how the polkadots soften the look of the design. the old one has a lot of corners :)

  2. LOOOVE the polka dots! I want to do owls in my room this year! Picked up some super cute stuff at the teacher store yesterday! YAY!

  3. I say go Polka Dots!!! And I am sure the kids will also love it!

  4. Love thE polkla dots! So glad I found your blog through the twitter link up!

  5. I LOVE polka dots, how fun! Do it!