Thursday, July 19, 2012

It's Friday!

I can actually celebrate that it's Friday. WAHOO! Which means today is the last day of my math training. (I'm crying on the inside...not!) It's been fantastic actually, and I'm not going to lie: I might actually miss the Hippie. She's come up with even more amazing sound bites, but I keep forgetting to write them down. My mission today: write down Hippie quotes!

Anywho, I am once again linking up for High Five for Friday with Lauren over at From My Grey Desk Blog. It's fun to really look back at what made the week special. So without further adieu:


1. SEASON TICKETS CAME IN! WAHOOOOOOOO! Having these babies makes my brother and me even MORE pumped for football. We are first time ticket owners. This year's tickets feature some of the more prominent Jags players, including my absolute fave:

POSLUSZNY!!! He's an awesome linebacker, plus cute in that big honking football player kind of way!

2. I got to spend time with my new principal yesterday afternoon. It was a bit overwhelming, simply because of how on top of EVERYTHING she is. She told me I'm going to be grade level chair and help mentor the newbie teachers on my team. It's a bit nerve-wracking but exciting just the same!

3.  Thanks to this math training, I no longer feel like this: 

4.  I indulged in some amazing cheesecake yesterday at the Cheesecake Factory. Friends of mine from my old school (still really weird to say!) met up and caught up about our summers so far. It was fun. Totally forgot to take picture but oh well. (Oh and the cheesecake was the Wild Blueberry and White Chocolate Mousse one. DELICIOUS!)

5. In one week, J and I will be driving to Atlanta for the weekend. 

Drum Corps International is having a big competetion there and we've decided to make it our mini summer vacay! Kudos to you if you know what DCI is; if not, don't worry about it. I didn't know what it was until I started dating J. :)

Hopefully we'll catch a Braves game. (I will not wear any Braves paraphernalia however; got to be loyal to the dad and bro, who are HUGE Mets fans.)

There you have it! My five favorite things from the week. Don't forget to link up!

 PS. The Olympics start in one week! YESSSSSSSSS! 
PPS. I know my font's all funky; but I'm too tired to fix it. Hope ya'll don't mind!


  1. Hahaha I am awful at math so that graphic in #3 is CRACKING me up!
    Congrats on being the grade level chair :) That's awesome, girl!

    Happy weekend!

  2. What a great Friday update! :) I got excited when I saw those football tickets because I also love football... us football lovers (those of us who are girls) need to stick together! I hope you have a great weekend!

  3. Haha... the math one made me laugh. I got my masters in mathematics and have tutored people who claim things like that. They always say that math doesn't make sense :)

    Xo Lourdes