Sunday, July 1, 2012

It was a long and hot day...

Whew! Boy was it hot today! Luckily, J had the brilliant idea of going to the beach. But just like always, we went a few places before we actually hit the beach.

Place numero uno: Target. Why Target? Because my wonderful and BRAND NEW Magic Bullet broke yesterday. The little gear on my blade popped off. So we went to Target where the nice little lady let me get a new one. Cross your fingers that this one doesn't break!

Place numero dos: Subway! We were starving so we popped in at Subway. Mmmm, Subway. J and I split a foot long Black Forest Ham sandwich with all the fixins. It was delicious!

Finally, we made it to the beach!

We actually found a spot that wasn't ridiculously crowded. Now if I would have taken the picture a little more to the left or right, you would have seen the entire Jacksonville population lounging out. I kid, but seriously it was packed! (It was also 100 degrees today, can you blame them?)

J set up his awesome umbrella and we promptly got to just relaxing.

J looking at me like I'm crazy for taking a picture. 

Later, we went into the water. The temperature was absolutely perfect. The tide came in and created this great little section where you could just lay and the waves would cover you. Wonderful!

While we were at the beach, this boat came up really close to shore. You could tell they just wanted to show off to the hundreds of people at the beach.

Funny part is, they got stuck! Why? They were too close to shore! Karma sucks. :)

All in all, it was a good day. J and I had some interesting conversations, which is always a good thing. How did you spend this hot first day of July?


  1. I absolutely miss the beach. I love Gianesville, but it sucks that we have to drive for an hour or two just to see the beach :(

    I'm glad you had fun!

    XO Lourdes

  2. Looks amazing! Only way to beat the heat!