Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Rollercoasters, water slides, and ice cream, oh my!

Happy 4th everyone! I just got back from Wild Adventures and I am BEAT! J and I met up at 7:45 this mornig. Which mean I woke up at 7, which for being summer is SUPER EARLY. I packed up some snacks and met him at his place. We were on the road by eight.

I adore road trips. Especially with J. I love talking to him (our road trip conversations included such topics as selling a house, the Publix warehouse, and road trips in general). Plus I love all the random things you see, such as this sign at the gas station:

Don' you just love it when gas stations announce their cleanliness? :)

We made it right when the park opened.

It seemed really dead to us (we are Disney/Universal Studios experts!) but that worked out because we got on all the main roller coasters fairly quickly. The first we one rode was the Boomerang:

This was one awesome roller coaster. It starts by pulling the train back up the tracks. When it lets you go you loop around a few times. It then pulls you back up and then lets you go, so you do the whole thing in reverse! AMAZING!

J's favorite roller coaster was this old wooden one called the Cheetah. Didn't get any pictures of it, but it was still a fun one. We then went on Swamp Thing, but that one sucked. No loops. No corkscrews. Nothing. At this point we were getting worried we'd done everything cool. So we went on the Ferris Wheel (the coolest thing at any theme park right?)

I should mention, J hates Ferris Wheels. I think it comes from the fact that the one at the fair is REALLY squeaky and you feel like you might fall to your death. This one did not feel like that.

J actually enjoying a Ferris Wheel ride!
While we were up on the Ferris Wheel, we noticed this cool looking coaster in the distance:

Look reallllllly carefully and find the blue roller coaster.
It looked like a roller coaster we would love, so after we got down from the wheel, we set off to find it. And we when we found it we knew it would be the coolest roller coast there.

 This was the Twisted Typhoon, a bottomless roller coaster that had so many loops and corkscrews I lost count. It was by far the best one we rode! It was also the location where I almost had to pull out the teacher voice a month early; I hate when kids are rude and their parents don't correct them!

After that, we hit the water park. I didn't take my camera to the water park; I'm a klutz and knowing me I'd drop it. But the water park was the best part of the whole park. Great slides, a nice wave pool and a relaxing lazy river. It wore us out! We decided to head back home. I really wanted some soft serveice cream, but right when we gott he stand, their machine broke. :(

But J is a great boyfriend and on the way home, spotted a sign for a Dairy Queen. It was in this Florida Welcome Center. They had some weird trinkets:

A little man made out shells, smoking a cigar TOTALLY reminds me of Florida. Or not? But even these creepy guys could not distract me from my goal: ICE CREAM!

 It was creamy, huge and delicious. I savored every single bite!

It's storming now, so I'm glad we made it home when we did. I hope that everyone is enjoying their Fourth!


  1. Ohh I'm glad you made it home before the storm hit. I was practically begging K to take us to disney today, but we knew it'd be ridiculous on the interstate!

  2. Those little shell guys are so cute!!!

    1. There were actually some cute ones, but I was intrigued by the shell man with the cigar!

  3. True story: My family went to Knott's Berry Farm in CA when I was about 10. My dad went on Boomerang with my sister and me, and he got sick! Going backward on that coaster after all of the other rides be braved that way sent him over the edge. Headache and all. We ended up at the first aid station, and then guess what? They made a reservation at their nicest restaurant for us... during dinner hour! We went to the restaurant and walked straight in to our reserved table while a ton of people waited in line outside. Haha! Oh, the perks of getting sick at a theme park.