Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Teachers are the WORST students...

It's true, believe it or not! But before I tell you why, I pose this problem to you:

Lydia and her sister love Ferris wheels. At the fair, there are two Ferris Wheels next to each other. Ferris wheel A is bigger than Ferris wheel B. Lydia gets on Ferris wheel A; her sister gets on Ferris wheel B. If it takes Ferris wheel A 50 seconds to complete one rotation, and Ferris wheel B 30 seconds to complete one rotation, how many seconds will go by before both girls meet at the bottom for the first time?

Here's what I wanted to say: Who cares? If Lydia's sister gets done before her, she can just wait patiently at the bottom of Ferris wheel A. Who would ride a Ferris wheel alone? Isn't part of the fun riding WITH someone? But I did not say those things. I did finally solve the problem, after many, MANY tries. Answer is down below. 

So as I was saying, teachers make the WORST students. I am in a number sense (you know, fractions, adding, subtracting, etc.) training all week. I always stumble on to the same type of people:
  • The Know It All: This is the teacher who knows EVERYTHING about the subject at hand. Her classroom is absolutely perfect and there's no way she's changing how she does things. One question then: WHY ARE YOU TAKING THIS TRAINING? Obviously you don't know everything. Oh and I inevitably always end up at the same table with this person. Murphy's Law in action folks!
  • The One Who Doesn't Know Anything But She's Been Teaching Awhile: These are the ones who ask the crazy questions which lead the facilitator on weird tangents, thus making us late for lunch. Now I don't mind asking a lot of questions; I just mind when the questions already been answered and you didn't know it, because you were too busy complaining to your friends about the topic. 
  • The Hippie: She's the one who always has some philosophical answer for every question. She only gets annoying when she tries to continue to defend herself, even though the facilitator and the class have proved her wrong. For instance, the one in my class this week could not understand why 0 is an even number, because 0 means nothing and nothing is not even. It's universal. SAY WHAT??
  • The Ones Who Are Just There To Better Their Teaching: I fall into this category. People in this category take notes, simply answer questions , and just listen. I'm not wasting a week of summer vacation to not learn anything. That's just dumb. There are quite a few of us in this class; I recognize them, because I am sure the exasperated look that is on their face when The Hippie or The Know It All answers a question is the same as the look on my face. 
I'm sure if you're in any class, you can find examples of the people above. :) On the positive side, the guy in charge of the training is fantastic; he's actually making it fun and enjoyable to learn about the theory of math. It's a miracle I tell ya!

Have you ever taken a class and met any of the characters above? Tell me about it!

PS. The answer is 150. I know you were dying to know, right?


  1. Hahahaaaaaa this is so true!


  2. Oh my goodness, so true! Some of those people drive me crazy. It's the same in grad school too!

  3. Um I met them all today! Ugh! This post was seriously hilarious! At the beginning of the year my district had a weeks worth of trainings at every campus that every teacher must attend and we always say that we are just as bad as the kiddos (sometimes worse!) with our attention spans... Mainly because of the said above people throwing us off! And I hate when we start to run out of time and they decide to "cancel" our lunch and swear we will get out a few min early instead... Yeah, never happens. Then I'm cranky because of no lunch....

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  5. I am literally laughing out loud right now! My mom used to be a teacher and I couldn't help but nod my head at those teacher descriptions!
    I'm thrilled to be the newest follower of your blog and would love it if you could return the follow if you get the chance and wish to :)

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  6. There are people like that in all classes. You forgot to mention the ones who ask irrelevant questions just to hear themselves talk. Those were the ones who always made us stay late in class. New follower. Love your blog.