Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sunday Social

Need to do something to get out of my funk. I looked at what the Sunday Social link up questions were and decided to answer them!

Sunday Social

What's your favorite TV show of the past?

GG will always be my absolute favorite TV show. I have the entire series on DVD (I bought the set that comes in the white puffy box). I take a sleeve of DVDs and will pop it in and just be mesmerized. 

Dawson's Creek  (especially season 3) is a distant second. :)

Favorite Current TV Show

Big Bang Theory and Once Upon a Time are definitely on my must see list. I have a few others, but these were the two that popped into my head when I saw the question. 

Which reality show would you NEVER do?

I'm too old now for it (OMG I AM TOO OLD FOR REAL WORLD....WHEN DID THAT HAPPEN???) but I'm not a partier. Never really been one. Seems like in the latest incarnations of the show you must be a partier. Oh well. 

What reality show WOULD you do?


Now I don't think my current wardrobe is shabby enough to grant me admission on this show. But I would jump at the chance to shop with Clinton and Stacey. I've learned a lot of fashion tips from watching this show. 

TV Character most like you

 Rory is definitely most like me. I am a huge bookworm, I consider myself myself to be a nerd and I am extremely lose with my mom. We may not be as witty (and my mom is definitely not up on pop culture) but it's close!

TV character you'd like to date
Now I know he can't talk to women, but Raj is still by far one of the sweetest characters on Big Bang. He's smart but not full of himself. If he could fix the no talking to women thing, it'd be a no brainer!

This was fun! Don't forget to link up with Neely over at A Complete Waste of Makeup!


  1. I don't think my wardrobe is that bad either, but I'm with you all the makeover AND wardrobe. Sign me up!!!

  2. I would love to do Real World but I'm not a partier either! I was just thinking the other day when I was watching it how I would so not fit in at all!

  3. I miss Gilmore Girls! The mom's sarcasm made my life...I also wouldn't do Real World. That's drama waiting to happen!

  4. what not to wear is a classic!

    visit :)

    happy sunday!

  5. The Big Bang Theory is one of my favorite shows ever!