Tuesday, July 3, 2012


I'm sitting at my computer, browsing all my usual sites, when all of a sudden my cute little cat comes and curls up on my lap. So why not write a post about her? She deserves some of the spotlight too!

This is Athena. She is a 4.5 year old gray Abyssinian Mix. This is my all time favorite picture of her. She likes to make any type of cloth bag her home.

I got her from the Jacksonville Humane Society two years ago. I had gone through a really horrible break-up and was not feeling good about by myself. I was living with a roommate at the time who had adopted her own dog from JHS. I knew that I didn't have time to take care of a dog because of work. But I wasn't sure I wanted a cat. See I thought most cats were just boring and mean.

Our Humane Society uses this really neat system from the ASPCA called Meet Your Match. They analyze each animal and give them their own personality label, Then, if you want, you can take your personality quiz and get matched up with the perfect cat or dog. Or you can just choose what personality you want. I knew I wanted one of these three personalities:
Source: ASPCA Meet Your Match

I was hoping to get a cat that had the Leader of the Band personality. JHS posts pictures of all their available pets and their personalities. I saw Athena, but she didn't have a personality. Her picture was adorable and I hoped that she would have an outgoing personality. Sure enough, when I checked a few days later, she was a Leader of the Band type cat.

I went and bought everything I needed. Immediately after work on April 29th, I went and got her. I didn't even look at any other cat.

Everything I had read about shelter kitties said that they are usually very timid. Many sources said provide them a small area to explore and don't force them to come to you. Knowing that, I took her carrier and placed it in my bathroom. I sat quietly next to it and opened it. Athena came right out, sniffed me, and curled onto my lap! We've been inseparable ever since!

She lives up to her personality. Athena loves exploring. No matter what, she's always has to be near someone.

The moral of the story is, I'm grateful for that break-up. Without it, I would have never found my furry best friend. :) I leave you with the funniest picture I have of her:

Yea I know. She was so mad at me! 
If you ever need/want a pet, check out your local shelter. There are so many cute fur babies just waiting for someone to take them home!

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