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Hi! I'm Nilda and welcome to my blog! When I was in college, I kept a Livejournal and it's really fun to go back and read all my posts from that time. I figured why not do the same now? The name of my blog comes from one of my favorite Harry Potter quotes

I feel this way about life. It's taken me a long time to realize that you have to live life in the best way for you and not worry about what you may not have. So hence, Entirely My Own!

6 Important Facts About Nilda

I live in Jacksonville. Lived here since I was four, so it's definitely my hometown. Growing up, I'd NEVER thought I'd stay here, but now I love this place. Sometimes we actually get different weather besides just hot, it's close to the beach and Disney World!

I'm a HUGE Jaguars fan! Yes, they completely stink right now and yes I can remember the glory season of 1999 like it was yesterday, but I still support my boys. I was a season ticket holder for the first time this year and I LOVED it! Can't wait for next season!

This is my beautiful fur baby Athena. I adopted her a little over two years ago from the Humane Society, and it's by far one of the best things I have ever done. She has a wonderful personality and she loves to cuddle. Not a day goes by where she doesn't make me smile!

I am a teacher. I switched to a different school this year to teach Spanish ESOL students and it's reawakened my love of teaching! This is my 6th year and hopefully next year I'll get started on a master's program!

I am super close to my family. They drive me crazy, but they are always there for me. My brother is one of my best friends and my parents have shown me what it means to love the person you're with unconditionally. Which brings me to my final point:

I'm engaged to this wonderful guy, who I'll just call J. We've been together for over two years and I can't wait to be his wife. We have our ups and downs, but we complement each other perfectly. I love spending time with him and no one has ever made me laugh the way he does. 

There you have it! Hope you like what you see (or read rather!)

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