Friday, July 6, 2012


I have the hardest times coming up with titles. I think this one SHOULD work.

Say did you know that I'm off this summer? I am. :)  I try my darndest to stay busy, but it can be tough. It helps that J works, so I can always meet him for lunch. Which is what we decided to do today since he needs to hit the hay early tonight. He has this crazy long bike ride at the crack of dawn... whoops that has nothing to do with my story! Moving on...

I went to pick him up. The guard at the front gate kind of flirted with me (he was older so it was a bit creepy!). I picked up J at his building. I'm so proud that I was able to find it on the first try! Every building in the complex looks exactly the same except for the numbers at the top...and I'm babbling so moving on!

Using Urbanspoon, I discovered that there is a Greek restaurant called Greek Isles Cafe not too far from where J works. So there we went!

When we walked in, I felt like I was in Greece. There was a huge photo of Santorini on one wall. One the other were really cute shutters painted blue like the ones in Greece.

 Cute right?

It smelled delicious when we walked in. J and I both ordered meals that came with the cafe soup. It was this delicious lemon chicken orzo soup. So light and yummy!

I order the Greek chicken tidbits over rice and J got a gyro.

Mine was delicious! Seasoned just right. J's gyro was humongous and, according to him, one of the best he's eaten.  The best part of the whole meal was that it wasn't that expensive. I got my plate and the soup for nine dollars and J got his soup and gyro for 7.

This is definitely on my list of fantastic hole in the walls. I'm pretty sure J and I will be going back; he wants to try their grape leaves and I want to try their hummus!

What's the best new restaurant you've tried recently?


  1. YUM!! You are making me super hungry (I think I need to make some dinner soon). I love Greek food!

    PS. Your title was very good for this post (I have a hard time finding ones for mine, too! Usually they're just super boring)

  2. Those foods look delicious! The best new restaurant that I've tried was actually on July 4th in Boston at a place called the Border Cafe, free chips and dip and I've heard the margaritas were awesome :)

    I stumbled upon your blog while bloghopping, if you have the time I hope you make a visit to mine too!


  3. Stopping by from I found you on the Find and Follow blog hop! Stop by when ever you'd like :)

  4. I love greek food!! Today I had chinese that was pretty good.

  5. I love Greek Food!!! I would love to go to Greece someday! :) Thanks for linking up to the 4th Follower Fest! It's nice to "meet" you!! Following you back! xoxo