Friday, August 24, 2012

Woo! It's Friday!

Oh thank goodness, this week is finally over! It's been super long but great.

1. Survived my first week back in first grade and at a new school. Completely forgot how chatty firsties can be!

2. Survived Open House. My ELL parents were grateful for my mom and my non ELL parents seemed comfortable with the fact that their child is part of this class.

3. My two year anniversary was this week. Will be celebrating it tomorrow at the Melting Pot!

4. Will be helping out new freshman at my alma mater tomorrow. Love the good ol FC!

5. My school picture turned out great!

Hope you had a good week too! Hopefully I'll relax this weekend. Linking up Lauren at From My Grey Desk Blog.


  1. Did you have a 5 day week?? I did and I was dragging by 2pm Friday. Extra recess lasted a bit longer than usual. Have a great (relaxing) weekend!

  2. I've never been to the Melting Pot, but I've always wanted to go - it sounds like the perfect spot to celebrate your anniversary!

    Hope your weekend was relaxing! xoxo

  3. haha great ecards

    Hope you had a great Sunday! Drop by and say hello!