Thursday, August 9, 2012

Last Friday of Summer Vacay

Ooof. It's a little painful to type that title. This summer flew by. Even though I didn't do much it was a pretty great summer. I relaxed, hit the gym (even though I really dropped the ball on that the last few weeks),spent time with friends and family, and spent time with myself.

It's also been a hectic week. But I still have some great things to talk about it! Hit it!

1.  This is what my classroom looked like on Monday. Not like a classroom at all. But with some help from my family and J, I did get it done! Well mostly done. The fact that my room is ready impressed my newbie teachers on my team. Guess it gets easier and second nature the more you do it! (Oh and I will post pictures once it's totally complete!)

2. I figured out my back to school outfit! These aren't the EXACT items, but they are pretty close.

first day!

My dress has sleeves and teal stripes and my wedges are strappier but still comfy.

3. I went shopping for myself for the first time in OVER a month. Loft had their Friends and Family sale, so I picked up these pieces:

The best deal was the skirt, it was only 15 dollars! Looks great with the purple top too!

4. I've kept the school spending under control. I've been saving for this, but still have only really bought things I've needed. Go me for sticking to a budget!

5. Finally, the most important part of this week:

It's football time! Tonight is the first game of the pre-season for the Jaguars. I hope they do great and silence all the nay sayers from the NFL Network! Cannot wait to put on my jersey and enjoy some FOOTBALL!

Have a great weekend everyone! Don't forget to link up with Lauren over at My Grey Desk!


  1. Hey girl! I am already a GFC follower, but I was just stopping by to say hi from the Find + Follow Friday link up. Hope you have had a fabulous week. Here's to the weekend!! Yea!

  2. Your first day outfit is so cute!! I love it! I can't believe summer is over, either...I had a lot of time off but it went by so fast! Not ready at all. Have an awesome last Friday & weekend! :)

  3. I love all of this... What I DON'T love is the fact that school starts SOOO soon.. WAH!

    I love all of your new clothes from Loft! Great minds think alike, obviously!

    And I love your 1st day of school outfit, but I am super jealous of it because it is SOO cute and I wish I could wear wedges all day, you rock girl! My feet would hate me if I wore those by the end of the day!