Sunday, August 12, 2012

Bring it on!

No, I'm not watching the fun teen movie (though come to think of it, I haven't watched in awhile, that needs to be corrected!) I'm pumped for the school year to officially start. :)

I had a fun final weekend of summer. It kicked off Friday night with the Jaguars first pre-season game.

Have I mentioned how much I love going to NFL games? It's such an electrifying place to be. You feed off all the energy from the people, the music and the game. My brother, uncle, dad and J all went so it was a really good time. Cherry on top? The Jags beat the defending Super Bowl champs 32-31. WE ARE JAGUARS!!!

Yesterday, I spent the day with my brother. I think it's pretty neat that he and I are so close. Kind of mind blowing when I realize in two weeks the bugger turns 23 years old.

How cute were we?

Later that day, I met up with J. He bought me a set of milk crates so that I could create cubbies similar to these for my classroom:

My cubbies will be blue, red and green. I'm supposed to use this closet to store student belongings but the idea of 20 first graders try to cram their way towards the closet freaks me out. I will have these in my classroom instead!

After we hit up Wal-Mart, J and I went to this great little Mediterranean restaurant. It's like a Chinese food place but with Mediterranean food instead. I had chicken kabobs with hummus and rice pilaf. J had this shredded lamb with hummus and yogurt salad. It's making me drool just remembering it all.

Today was pretty simple and boring:
  • I went to the grocery store with my mother, cleaned my room and car, did my laundry. Yay for productivity!
  • Picked out my outfit for tomorrow. First impressions are important you know!
  • Printed out some things that I will need to get laminated tomorrow. Hopefully School Aids isn't too crazy. Oh who am I kidding? The school store is INSANE the week before school starts. Teachers will cut you if you dare skip in line or take the last owl poster.
  • Relaxed by watching a string of HIMYM episodes on Netflix. I adore that show and the older I get the more I relate!
Now I'm off to enjoy the Olympics Closing Ceremony. I have to watch it just for the Spice Girls alone. Here's where I date myself by telling you how  at my friend's birthday party in 6th grade, we all stood on chairs and pretended to be the Spice Girls while lip syncing "Wannabe". I played Posh Spice.  Ah the fun of being a pre-teen obsessed with a pop group!

So here's to hoping tomorrow will go great and I won't puke from all the butterflies that will be in my stomach. Hope you all had a fabulous weekend! Linking up with Carly over at Lipgloss and Crayons for YOLO Mondays!


  1. I will out date you when I tell you I was already out of college by the time the Spice Girls hit the scene! And I'm totally watching it for them, too! :)
    I love your milk crate idea. I teach middle school so no cubbies but I still love me a classroom milk crate.

  2. We start this week with 3 teacher days and then the kiddos come on Thursday. I have those same owl tags (on your crates) in my room! I must say that I WISH I could use crates. We have giant open "closets". There's a lot of winter gear that these kids have to haul around for most of the year.

  3. Those crates are so cute! And I always wished I had a brother, growing up. It would be so awesome to have a close relationship, like you guys. Ehh, stinking little sister. Haha! Kidding! :) Thanks for linking up again! Hope the big first day of school goes well!

    -Nicole @ Me + the Moon

  4. Looks like a good weekend! I'm very glad football season is back, and there really ISNT anything like attending a game. Here from YOLO mondays :)

  5. Just swinging by to say hi from YOLO! Hope you have a great start to the week. I am celebrating reaching 200 GFC followers on the blog. Giving away some of my favorite things :) You can enter here:
    Talk to ya later!

  6. I just wanted to stop by and say hey! I've nominated you for Liebster blog award, you can check out all the info on my blog!

  7. Just read your blog through #yolomondays! Spice Girls was my first concert and I missed them on the closing ceremonies last!

    Please feel free to check mine out :)

  8. Love love love the Spice Girls... It brought back memories watching them!

    PS...I love the crate idea!

    Xo Lourdes

  9. Cute cubbies! Are how cute are you??? However I'm a Packers fan.. but I still hope we can be bloggy buddies :)