Monday, August 27, 2012

Eat up, eat up

Yummy food. That was the theme of my weekend. If you know me, you know I love food.

Even though back to school week left me exhausted, I still woke up early. I went and helped freshmen move into the dorms at my alma mater, Flagler College.

The main building, is the former Ponce De Leon hotel. One of the girls' dorms (the main one when I went there) is housed in this building. Each room is completely different, because each room used to be a hotel room. Some of the dorm rooms even have fireplaces!

Total blast to the past for me! I helped many girls move in. The parents were all really grateful. I checked out all three of my old rooms. Memories hit me left and right, even though the rooms were different.

The yummy food aspect was not the food I ate for lunch in the Dining Hall, but just simply eating in my old dining hall:

You can pick your jaws up now. This beautiful place is where I ate breakfast, lunch, and dinner for three years! Crazy right? When the alumni office director invited me for lunch, I immediately said yes!

Ah, memories. :)

Later that evening, J and I celebrated two years at the Melting Pot. I'm a bad blogger, I took no pictures. Wanted to enjoy the evening with J.

The food = AMAZING! So stuffed by the end of the night. Our favorite was definitely the bananas foster fondue. I read J the dessert options and the second I said "White chocolate!" he was in!

Yesterday was my brother's 23rd birthday. Guys, when did my pipsqueak little brother turn 23?? The one who used to copy my every move? The one who you use to eat all my food? Scratch that.... the one who STILL eats my meal? He bought his very first car today... CRAAAZY!

J.P. loves Japanese food. So off to Wasabi we went! I love smothering my whole plate in shrimp sauce. It's just wonderful. Plus, it was my lunch today!!

That was my weekend. Hope you had great ones! If you are in Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, or Louisiana, stay safe and dry! It poured buckets here in Jacksonville.

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  1. Um, that dining hall is amazing!! Super pretty!
    Thanks for linking up with us and letting us take in that gorgeousness :)

  2. It seems like you had a great time & the pictures you did take was cute ;)

  3. Every time I go back to my college campus I want to cry. Where did those years go???
    Glad you made it through Monday! (I did too...barely :)