Friday, August 3, 2012

Overall, I'd give this week a 9.5

Like my Olympics reference in my title? Yea, I know, gymnastics stopped using the 10.0 system ages ago, but I think it fits. :P

Like I said, overall this was a pretty great week. Let's recap it shall we?

-On Monday, I went to the Jaguars training camp. Pretty cool seeing all the players out there, getting their practice on. But the best part? Paul Posluszny, my favorite player, signed my jersey! When I told him he was my favorite, Paul graciously thanked me and gave me a high five. ::SWOON::  Other players signed my visor, but Paul's trumps them all!

-My grandma came in to town on Tuesday to surprise my mom for her 60th birthday. Love this picture:

-The only positive from my otherwise atrocious training this week, was that I got to hang out with my closest friend from my old school, Megan. It really hit us that we aren't going to be working together this year, so we agreed to make time to meet up during the school year. Oh and I met one of my new teammates, Samantha. Seems like a super sweet girl.

-Paige over at The Eloping Stethoscope wrote some really sweet things about me for her sponsor post. I know I'm sponsoring her blog, but she didn't have to say all of those nice things. Love all the new friends I've made through this blogging adventure!

-Both Bethannee over at The BB Life and Nicole over at Me and the Moon nominated for the One Lovely Blog Award. Thanks ladies! If you want some random facts about me check here and here.

Like, I said great week. The only downer was the training. But it's in the past, and I have another fun weekend coming up! Happy Friday to everyone!


    1. omg! That picture is amazing and making me tingly! In a I could shed a tear way. PRESH!

    2. So cool that you met him and he signed your jersey. :) I love classy athletes/celebrities. Have a great weekend!

    3. Did you get a new blog update? I love it!

      I love the pic of your momma & grams more though... That is SO freaking cute & a great framer!

      Glad you got to hang out with a teacher you used to work with... As much as I dislike some things about my school, I am OBSESSED & IN LOVE with my co-workers... Seriously, I can't put into words how awesome they are! I also got a new team member this year.... Hope your's works out. Ours seems pretty great, she actually took over a maternity leave for one of my team mates last year, so I know she's a great teacher!

    4. sounds like a great week you had!

      have a great Sunday! drop by and say hi!

    5. looks like you had a great week! and what a cute surprise from your grandma!