Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Hi Lalalists readers! I'm so pumped to be guest posting for Rachel. Her blog is always entertaining to read and she was one of the first bloggers to really embrace me. Plus, she has a great fashion sense (have you seen her Current Crush posts?)

I'm from Florida, and the current weather report includes some incarnation of a thunderstorm. It's been storming every day and it's been super humid every day. I'm ready for fall weather! Believe it or not, I actually do get a fall in the part of Florida I live in. Leaves even change colors! (Mind blown right?) So today, I'm going to share with you the pieces you will always catch me in.


I really feel like each of these pieces needs to be in a girl's wardrobe. You will always catch me with a fun scarf, especially when I wear a simple colored shirt. I live in my dark jeans; they go so well with fall colors. Finally, every girl needs a good pair of flat boots. I don't think I wore another pair last year!

There you have it. Nilda's fall essentials. Now I'm just crossing my fingers that this crazy summer weather doesn't extend itself into fall. I'll just cry if I can't enjoy some fall weather!

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