Saturday, September 1, 2012

Sometimes you just need a lazy day...

My plan for today was to be productive. I wanted to organize my bathroom, finish my math plans, and type up the grade level newsletter so I could really enjoy tomorrow and Monday. But those plans were stifled.

Yep, stifled by BUG BITES! Ugh. My ankle got bitten twice in the same spot at two different times yesterday. I woke up today and my ankle was swollen beyond belief. Walking made the bites itch, so I just had a lazy day in front of my TV, where I am finishing HIMYM on Netflix.

The lazy day was exactly what I needed. I've been going non stop since school started. NON STOP. I want to help my kiddos and help the new teachers on my team. But this lazy day showed me I need to take time for myself.

So I set some goals for next week:
  • Set an agenda for grade level meetings. They've been getting off track and I've been feeling intimidated and worried about stepping on people's toes. I need to lead. So hopefully the agenda works.
  • Go to the gym at least twice, if not three times. I'm going to pack my gym bag and leave it in my car every night. 
  • Leave work by 4:30 (except on the grade level planning day.). Balance is important.I need to spend time with J and the other people that I love. 
  • Read a book for fun each night and disconnect from the internets. Guys, I love reading your blogs but sometimes I find myself spending hours at night on my computer and that's not good. Here's to going back to reading  for fun. 
So I will let you know how I do. Now off to make an ice cream sundae and finish off HIMYM.

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