Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Short weeks are the best...

I'm exhausted. It's only Tuesday and I'm pooped. But bright side? Tomorrow's Wednesday! The week's half way over. Which reminds me...

A few months ago, I started a Love Your Life journal. It's where I listed three positive things that happened that day. Sometimes, life just gets overwhelming you know? It's hard, but it's important to look on the positive sides of things. So here goes!

1. I got my nail polish swap package today! Can't wait to share with you all what I got. Just have to say Evani over at Simply Evani has fantastic taste.

2. I actually made it through my schedule today with only a few hiccups! That means I actually got reading, skills, math, writing and science done!  My kiddos are finally learning the ropes. Let's hope this keeps up with my two new ones that I get tomorrow!

3. Made it to the gym today. YESSSSS! Was it painful? HECK YES! Was it worth it? TOTALLY!

Overall, I'd give this day an 8. Love when my week starts off great! Do you do anything to stay focused on the positives?

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