Monday, September 10, 2012

Football and Fall

Seriously, whoever says football is man's sport, is deluded. It's the most emotional sport out there. For example, take yesterday's Jaguars game versus the Vikings.

  • First Quarter: Jaguars killed it! My whole family and J are on a huge high!
  • Second Quarter: The Vikings get close the score and the Jags made a few mistakes. (Ahem, missed pass to Blackmon, blocked point, and fumbled snap!)
  • Third Quarter: Wind depletes from under our sails. Jags looking like their old selves. Injuries left and right. 
  • Fourth Quarter: 1 minute left, Gabbert leads a great drive and scores a TD with 20 seconds left. Seriously got bruises from all the jumping and bumping my family and J did. That all goes away when the defense let's the Vikings score a tying field goal.
  • Overtime: Vikings score. Jaguars get the ball and totally blow it. Final score Jaguars 23- Vikings 26. 
Such a sad game. I really hope they do better next week at the home opener against the Texans.

I will say, football apparently reminded mother nature that it is September. September should mean cooler weather. So this week, we have Florida's version of fall!

Do you see THAT?! Lows in the upper 60s. Highs in the lower 80s. I wore a jacket to work people! I didn't die of sweat or heat exhaustion. Woohoo! It's the little things, right?

Off to take some sinus meds (the only crap thing about the weather changing is it really does a number on me) and relax the night away. Hope you all had a fantabulous weekend! 



  1. I'm right there with ya! Thank goodness for football season, and fall!

  2. I am a college football fan and I am going to do some tailgating this Saturday. I hope the weather stays nice.

  3. I thought about you last night! I'm going home to Green Bay for a wedding in October and my boyfriend mentioned that we should get tickets to the Packer game that weekend. It happens to be the Jaguar game. Since you're the only Jacksonville fan I "know," I instantly thought of you :-)

    We had a bummer game this week too, so I totally feel your frustration. I was rooting for you guys to win if for no other reason than that I hate the Vi-queens.

  4. Aw sorry about your Jags. Giants didn't do well their opening game either even though they got my hopes up in the 4th quarter. Typical Giants. hehe