Sunday, September 30, 2012

Need something to make you smile?

Because boy do I. My Jaguars lost pathetically AND it started pouring on the walk back to the car. I was smart and brought a poncho, but it was one of those Florida storms where it's windy and rainy. Nilda = soaked.

So I decided to look at this spelling test that I graded earlier:

Ignore the backwards six. :) This student is one of my brightest and creative. Spelling tests in my class take a while because I have to work with my ESOL students to make sure they hear the sounds. So I think this little one got bored while waiting for his classmates, because he illustrated every word. I particulary like the hamburger bun and the "hot" pot don't you?

This picture reminds me why I do my job. Because first graders are some of the most creative souls on this planet. So if you need a smile, I hope this helps!

Off to finish watching Once Upon a Time.


  1. Cards/letters/notes from my students are what make me the most happy at work.
    In fact, 2 of my girls from last year wrote my husband notes (that were quite funny) because they were so upset they didn't get to meet him. I scanned them and sent them to him and then, just yesterday, I finally got around to framing the originals. I know that I'll keep them around forever!

  2. This is amazing! He must have gotten bored. This only tells me that

    a) you are doing a great job
    b) you are an amazing teacher.


    Xo Lourdes