Friday, June 29, 2012

Shopping and Ghost Stories

I realized the name of my blog is Laughter, Love and Necklaces, and I've yet to post a picture of me actually wearing one. I have quite the necklace collection and the one I wore today got me a lot of compliments:

I love teal and this necklace is awesome. Yes, I'm the lameo taking a picture in the Loft fitting room. Loft had an amazing sale today, half off everything with a special coupon. I had a gift card from the parents and got a pair of shorts, and two shirts for 12 dollars! Score!

After shopping, I met up J. His mom is in town, so we took her to St. Augustine. St. Augustine is one of my favorite places on the planet for multiple reasons:
  • The history. I'm the biggest history geek and love that it's the oldest city in the USA.
  • The atmosphere. St Augustine is just such a laid back place, despite all the tourists.
  • And last but not least, because of this place:

This would be a picture of Flagler College, where I went to school. Beautiful isn't it? It was originally the Ponce De Leon Hotel built in 1888 by Henry Flagler. Flagler is right in the middle of the touristy area and is a National Landmark. I had the best time there! /end gushfest/. 

J, his mom and I walked all over St. Augustine and I gave her a tour of the public areas of the school. I ended up showing her what is a classic Flagler artifact.: the tile on the floor with Henry Flagler's face on it:

Legend has it that Henry Flagler's funeral took place in the rotunda of the hotel. A hotel janitor closed all the doors and windows (despite Flagler always wanting them opened). Hotel workers dropped Henry Flagler's casket and his spirit, having no where to go because everything was closed, flew into this tile. Neat, huh?

Now there's a huge possibility that it was put there on purpose. Each piece of the tile was hand laid, and Flagler had a sense of humor. For instance, he had the dining hall designed so that depending on where you sat you could hear the conversation across the room. He did this so he could hear people talking about the hotel. But I like the ghost story, better don't you?

All in all, despite it being hot as you know what, it was a great day! Speaking of ghost stories, what's the best one you've ever heard?


  1. you are too cute! there is nothing 'lameo' about this. my husband refuses to take pictures of me, so I have to take them of myself. usually my head is chopped off or the picture is too blurry to post ... but, at least I try.

    1. Hahah thanks for not making me feel so lame! My bf isn't the biggest fan of taking pictures either, so it's up to me, myself and I! Thanks for the follow too.

  2. I absolutely LOVE going to St. Augustine. It only takes me an hour to get there so we take a lot of "day" trips!

    Xo Lourdes