Monday, June 25, 2012

Media Monday

I found this while browsing some blogs the other day. I'm linking up with Rachel from Lists from the Heart and Brittany from Yellow Umbrella Design. It's Media Monday!

Yellow Umbrella

Being summer, I have plenty of time to find some new favorites in music, movies, tv and books. Currently:


I found this while browsing Netflix one day. It's a teen drama from Australia. It has the usual teenage relationship drama but what makes it slightly different is the amazing dancing and the characters. Besides, the awesome Australian accents don't hurt!


I promise, I'm a late 20 something girl not some teenybopper, but The Wanted's single "Glad You Came" plays all the time at my gym. Whenever I hear it on the radio, I immediately start singing along and get reminded that I haven't gone to the gym yet. They are from England and have adorable accents as well!

This one isn't a new movie, but I rented it the other day because it's one of my favorites. It features Justin Long (who I think is absolutely funny) and Drew Barrymore as the main characters. They have to deal with their long distance relationship issues. It's a great watch, especially for dreary rainy days (like today!)

I haven't read anything new lately, but I might try and venture out in the downpour to pick up some of the books I have on hold at the library. 

What are your current favorites?


  1. Thanks for linking up!!! I love going the distance it is hilarious! "Maya Statue!"


  2. I love Going the Distance :)

    And Debby has kept me inside for days now! Crazy!