Saturday, June 30, 2012

Date Jar: Completed!

Earlier today I wrote about how I wanted to make a date jar for J and me to use. Well mission accomplished!
Isn't it cute?

I painted the sticks green, blue and light blue. The green sticks are the ones that have more expensive date ideas:

The blue sticks have the stay at home date ideas. I left some blank so J could have some say in the dates. :)

Finally, the light blue sticks have the go out date ideas.

Some just have ideas, others have names of some of our favorite restaurants, and once again I left some blank for J.

I'm really excited to start using it. Like I said before, J and I can be really indecisive when it comes to our date ideas. I hope this helps!

Have any interesting ideas for me to add to the date jar?

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