Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Tropical Storms and Birthday Parties Don't Mix!

I love when I can say that I had a wonderful birthday. Yesterday was a wonderful birthday! YAY!

As I mentioned yesterday, J and I share a birthday. Which is neat, because a) it was the coolest coincidence on our first date and b) he will NEVER EVER forget it. It was his 30th, so he decieded to host a get together at Whisky River. But we wanted to celebrate privately so we went to his favorite Indian restaurant 5th Element:
Photo from 5th Element Trip Advisor site
They have a phenomenal lunch buffet. J and I got our eat on! I had multiple servings of basmati rice and chicken tikka masala and he had his favorite: chilli chicken! 

After lunch, J and I traded presents.I got him this beautiful Armani watch to commemorate his 30th birthday. 
I wrote yesterday how I have been dying to make my own smoothies for my post work-out snack. Well that dream will be a heck of a lot easier thanks to his gift:

A MAGIC BULLET! J pays attention to when I like something or say I want something. I mentioned getting one a few weeks ago when we were in Bed, Bath and Beyond. I'm excited to use it. 

So a few hours later, we met up at Whisky River with our friends. I love that people came out, even in the torrential downpour of Debby. I was late to my own party, because Debby just kept dumping buckets and buckets of water on my town. I'm grateful that my side didn't get any bad flooding the way the Westside of Jacksonville did.

It was a great night and a bunch of our friends and family came out. A few of my friends and J's friends stayed out at Whisky. I didn't get home till late, but that much fun was totally worth it!

Here are some pics:
J's peeps from work, my little brother (who's the tallest!) me and J. Forgive the crazy hair, it was pouring! Note my massive umbrella!
I love that my Central Riverside peeps came out! I'll miss them so much at my new school.

So as I said earlier, a wonderful birthday indeed. What was your favorite birthday? (Oh and forgive the use of the word peeps...)

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  1. It sounds like you had a great day! I am so glad you did despite Debby and her annoying fits of rain!

    XO Lourdes