Monday, November 19, 2012

Tomorrow's my Friday!

Ha. I love how I am about to write about my weekend, when my next weekend officially starts tomorrow at 3:10. Woot, woot. Bring on Thanksgiving!

I hope you all had a good weekend. Mine was pretty darn great. Kicked off the holdiay season by attending one of my favorite holiday traditions: Nights of Lights.

St. Augustine hangs a ton of lights all over its public grounds, and most of the businesses (includng my alma mater, Flagler College) do the same. They have this huge lighting ceremony, with a big band playing holiday tunes. We all count down and flash! The lights turn on! (The build up is a little lame, but the lights are beautiful!)

These are some of the trees in the plaza with their lights. J and I are going to go back to take our engagement photos there. I can't wait!

Afterwards, Flagler hosts an alumni reception. They serve holiday treats and I get to catch up with my old professors and college peeps. This year, everyone gushed over my ring. :)

Sunday was FOOTBALL! My Jaguars PLAYED their HEARTS OUT!  I mean check out this picture of my favorite player, Paul Posluzsny:

Yep. That's blood streaming down his face. He got hit hard, but still kept playing. Didn't come out until the drive was over. That's HEART I tell ya! (Sidenote: He's pretty cute, so I hope that injury doesn't leave a scar or anything.)

I think if we would have beaten the Texans, I would have cried. Straight up CRIED! Hopefully we get our second win this weekend. (Especially since I just made the last payment on my season tickets.) I need them to at least win two more games, so I don't feel like I completely blew a ton of money. )

One day down, one more to go. I'll be MIA this week. Heading up to Savannah to have Thanksgiving with J's family. Completely mind blowing, that next Thanksgiving I'll be MARRIED. :)

I'm thankful for many things this year, but one of those things is definitely this blog community that I became a part of. :) I hope everyone has a happy holiday!

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