Sunday, November 11, 2012

Sundays are great...

when you have Monday off! There are many things about my job that make me happy, but the whole federal holiday off thing is definitely one of my favorites!

I've been slacking in the blog world. I miss all my blog friends! How are all of you??? After I finish lesson plans, I'm going to spend some time at my favorite Starbucks with my computer and catch up on everyone's posts. Girl scout honor!

So far this has been a great weekend:

  • discovered Hart of Dixie on Netflix. It reminds me of Gilmore Girls. It's a little kooky, a little unbelievable but a definite escape.
  • found my wedding dress! It's a style I never would of thought to try, but the minute I put it on it was perfect! Everyone ooh and aahed and I teared up. :)
  • My college roommate came up to help me with my wedding dress search. I got to finally meet her second baby girl Aubrey. Aubrey is such a happy baby! I wish I lived closer to them. 
  • J and I just relaxed today. Watched a couple football games (amazing how not into football I am when it's teams I could care less about!) and J surprised me. He bought all the ingredients to make his famous nachos. MMMMMMMM!
  • My Donors Choose project got posted. I've already raised over 100 dollars to the purchase of listening center materials. If you want to help out, I'd love you forever. Head over to 
Off to watch Revenge. Is it dorky that I am excited to watch it because I can sleep in tomorrow??? Such an old lady. 


  1. Totally jealous of the sleeping in tomorrow!

  2. My lesson plans are done until Dec. I can't decide if this means I'm too good at my job or not working hard enough. Hmmm...
    I have professional development tomorrow.
    I'm happy for you and cursing you and your good luck at the same time :)