Thursday, October 4, 2012


I have NO idea where my mind is lately. I'm all over the place. I keep forgetting about meetings and I completely forgot to share what I got in my Fall Swap!


I was paired with Tiffany over at My Smile Saga. Tiffany just had jaw surgery (WOW!) and is now recovering from it. Go over and wish her luck on her recovery.

 Tiffany lives in West Virginia, which means she actually gets a real fall. None of this crazy cool one night, blazing hot the next night silliness we have here in Florida. She sent me some really great stuff:

  • Caramel Apple Pops: The ironic thing, is that the day before I received the package, I had talked about these with J. He never remembered getting any while trick or treating. Being the nice girlfriend that I am, I shared the bag with him. He's taken one to work almost everyday!
  • Halloween socks: I will be rocking these babies to school the week of Halloween. I will not wear a silly Halloween teacher sweater, but I will wear some fun socks!
  • Pumpkin butter: I love that she sent something made in West Virginia. I'm not the biggest pumpkin fan but this was actually pretty good. J loves pumpkin, so he was excited when I decided to leave it at his house. 
  • Scarf: I'm obsessed with scarves. Tiffany knew to send me a lightweight one which is perfect because those are the only kinds of scarves I can wear here in Florida. I love the colors in the scarf and really wish the temperature would go down already so I can wear it!
  • Football pin: Tiffany shares my love of football, so she sent me this pretty sparkly football pin. I'm planning on wearing it on my lanyard at school. :)
Like I said, awesome stuff right? I love doing swaps because it's just one more way to meet all the great people in this blog world.

Have you gotten anything neat in swaps lately?


  1. what a great box of Fall goodies!

    those carmel apple pops bring me back to my school-aged days :)

  2. Oh man! I used to LOVE those caramel apple pops. Haha! Love your bloggy makeover, by the way. So cute. :)