Sunday, December 9, 2012

You win some you lose some...

I'm staring at my computer screen feeling like I should write about my weekend. I mean, overall it was pretty fantastic. Even if it included spending 8 hours at a marriage prep class and watching the Jaguars lose again. But my sinuses are killing me. Boo sinus headaches!

One of the bajillion requirements (and yes I mean bajillion) that the Catholic Church has to get married is to take a marriage prep course. You have two choices: Pre-Cana, a one day 8 hour course, or Engaged Encounter, a weekend retreat. Originally, I wanted to do the retreat but I changed my mind. Thank goodness I did!

While I learned a lot at Pre Cana (the topics ranged from marriage as a sacrament to communication) and I definitely felt closer to J because of it, it was SO LONG. We arrived at 8:30 and didn't leave until 5:30. I don't do well when I have to sit and just listen. I like to do something. I almost wish they had made us interact with the other couples. But it was mostly just lecture after lecture. Including one on mystical magical mucus. (Seriously, the natural family planning presenter kept repeating that phrase, and I just wanted to laugh so hard every time!)

Other hilarious side note: pretty sure the presenters didn't want to screw up my name, so rather than calling on me, they  just kept calling on J. Which he didn't mind, until the NFP presenter asked him what he thought sexual contact was. Can we say awkward?

After we finished, J and I headed out to my co-worker Katie's house. I was a little worried about J getting along with my new co-workers, but it ended up being a great night! We stayed until midnight, talking, playing beer pong and just having fun. J liked my co-workers a lot, and I enjoyed getting to know them outside of work!

I'd talk about today, but that would be a waste. The Jaguars lost yet again. I screamed and cheered them along and I will continue to do it for the rest of the season, but man can we just get to next season? It's getting to be brutal watching my boys lose game after game!

So like the title of my post, this weekend was DEFINITELY a win some you lose some kind of weekend.

Off I go to eat dinner and watch some HIMYM. Cross your fingers that this week SPEEDS by, because I only have five work days until Christmas Break! WOO HOO! 


  1. Thanks for stopping my my blog today!!! Link ups are the best to find new friends. We did the same classes when we got married. Not the most fun. And sorry about your team. My Texans play's gonna be a nail biter!

  2. I got married catholic too, so I understand about the classes!
    Helene in Between

  3. Oh man--hearing about that class makes me so glad that Angel and I were able to do the pre-marriage talks/counseling by ourselves with the aid of a book rather than actually going to a class. I think the topics covered in pre-marriage classes are important...but that's just an awkward way to do it!